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Hello, my name is Mike Shaw and I'm a professional photographer located in Windham, Maine. I create photos and videos, with a focus on Maine business photography and place photography. Serving all of Maine, New Hampshire, greater Boston, and beyond!


The business photography and place photography I create will strongly represent what it is that makes your business or place, unique and memorable. What emotional and psychological associations do you want people to make with your brand?  What are your values? Pictures make a lasting impression. They tell a visual story that people easily connect to and remember.


The best videos keep people interested, make a connection, and deliver an important message as quickly as possible. What message do you have for your customers?


Great editing is essential to successful photography and video production. I’m well versed in culling, processing, editing, and retouching. I utilize all of these skills when my clients hire me to create photos, or videos. Even if you aren’t looking to hire a photographer, or videographer, I might be able to help you with my editing services. If you have editing needs please reach out to me so we can discuss how I might be of service.


I want to develop rewarding, lasting, working relationships with all of my clients. Getting to know you helps me better understand the message your trying to deliver, and allows me to create more effective imagery.


What if you’re not sure what your brand message is? I can offer you creative direction. As a visual story teller I’ve developed ways of telling many different stories over the years, and brands are stories. Together, we will take a deep dive into what makes your business memorable and unique, and we will create imagery that delivers your message.

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Need help coming up with a plan for effectively delivering your content to your audience? I can help you develop a website, social media, and online advertising strategy that more effectively uses photography, video, and even text.

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